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ProWriters v1.5 – Sell writing services online

ProWriters is an application that allows you to sell your writing services online. The application contains writing service management software and an ecommerce website, built with Laravel Framework. The system helps you to receive orders and payments from your customers and execute the works through your writers. It enables you to charge your customers based on different Work Levels, Spacing Type, Number of pages etc.



ProWriters v1.5 – Sell writing services online


Manage Services

Create unlimited number of services. Set price and charge your customers based on different Work levels, Word spacing type, Urgency etc.

Choose from three different pricing policies:

  • Fixed Price
  • Per Word
  • Per Page

Create additional/optional services and attach them with your main services

Receive Orders

Receive orders from your customers with detailed information about their requirements including file attachments. When an order is received, the system automatically sends an email notification at the email address predefined by you. Manage your orders, assign them to writers, and track them by its different statues

Accept Payments (Online and Offline)

Accept online payments through Stripe, Paypal and Braintree.

Create an unlimited number of offline payment methods from the admin panel and accept offline payments.

Customer Panel

Provide your customers with a separate panel when they sign up. Using the panel they can place new orders, track their orders, communicate with writers, download files, review your service, top-up their wallet balance, view transaction history, etc.


Give your customers the option to have a wallet. Users can top-up their wallets and spend the balance to place orders later whenever they want.

Writers Panel

Send an invite to writers to join. Once they register they get a separate panel to see their Assigned Tasks, Communicate with Customers, Browse for work opportunities, Request for payment for their work and many more

Receive joining requests from writers

Allow potential writers to apply to become a writer on your site. A candidate can apply by submitting his information and upload a resume. As an admin, track each applicant by the various status of recruiting stages. Click a button to automatically enroll a candidate as a writer. After enrollment, the system automatically sends a notification email to the writer with login information.

Manage Writer’s Profile

Create a list of an unlimited number of writers. Upload profile photos, keep a record of their bio, skills, and other information. Search writers by area of expertise when necessary


When a new order comes in, pick the most suitable candidate from the pool of your writers, and assign it as a task. Then track its progress by various order statuses. Receive notification on every milestone achieved

Browse work

Allow your writers to browse through unassigned tasks and find a suitable task for themselves. You can always turn on or off the option.

Customer Rating

Allow your customers to rate your service after delivery is complete. It helps you to know how well you are able to serve your customers and how efficient are your writers


Set your own currency, digit grouping symbol, formatting option etc.

Email Settings

Choose between SMTP and Mailgun for the application to send notification emails. Configure your email right from settings page

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