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PipeX CRM v1.1

PipeX CRM – A simple application that can help you to improve customer relationship to grow your business more efficiently. You can manage your company’s associations in a friendly interface and with a low learning curve using it. Customer management is the prime objective and this application helps you in numerous ways. Developed using Laravel 8 and vue js.



PipeX CRM Features

# Informative dashboard
A graphical and chart interface to demonstrate various information at a glance.
# Customer management
Create Customers and Organizations including their type and manage them in a friendly interface.
# Deal management
Create Deals and maintain them in Interactive pipeline view. Deals can show status Won or Lost with the reason that is added.
# Send Deal Proposals
Deal Proposals can be sent without any help of third party mail service. Can create proposal templates with ease to save for later use or send a proposal.
# Activity tracking
With Calendar and basic list view all activities can be witnessed and filtered as per requirement.
# Performance tracking
Track all the performance in Reports according to Deals, Proposal And Pipeline view.
# Permission and Role based User Creation
Create roles as requirements and add employees under different roles as a user.
# And many more
Lots of other ways to stay ahead like notifications and custom fields to classify customers, organization and deals even more.

Change Logs

Version 1.1 – 10 February, 2021

[Added] Implement address fields with Country, Area, City, State, Zip code
[Added] Added address fields for Person type Lead
[Added] Implement importing with custom fields
[Updated] Improve import functionalities
[Updated] Update Calendar version
[Updated] Usability improvement in Contact module
[Updated] Change context name Contacts to Leads 
[Updated] Improve Kanban view
[Updated] Improve deal functionalities 
[Updated] Improve data presentation in datatable
[Updated] Optimize code and improve data response
[Updated] Improve documentation 
[Fixed] Bug fixes in Custom fields
[Fixed] Fixed some bugs

Version 1.0.2 – 10 December, 2020

[Added] Support subfolder installation
[Updated] Improve data presentation in datatable
[Updated] Updated some functionalities
[Updated] Optimize code and improve data response
[Fixed] Fixed some bugs

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